About Video Meeting

buyKOREA video meeting is a complete web video conferencing solution.

There is no doubt that the in-person meeting is effective. But it is not easy to have the in-person meeting as the cost of getting together.

buyKOREA video meeting enables people who are separated by distance and time to share audiovisual data and to work together over the network in real time.

In addition, it is faster way to reduce your business travel and long distance phone expenditures thus becomes cost effective conferencing way.

Successful video conference components include web cameras, headsets and buyKOREA video meeting program(eMEET), and it is necessary to connect to the internet and process the sound and video data.

For buyKOREA video meeting the sequence is even easier. Korean seller and foreign buyer by clicking respective link from buyKOREA web page can meet each other instantly.

Foreign buyer/Video,Audio,Whiteboard,Midea files,ETC./Korean seller


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For the information about the video meeting. Please click the below link.

Video Meeting Manual for Buyer