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detox, diet, slim, skin, smooth bowel movement, mixed vegetable powder(Pd No. : 3080576)

(Updated : 03/14/2017)
Product Information
  • Product Information
  • detox, diet, slim, skin, smooth bowel movement, mixed vegetable powder
  • detox, diet, slim, skin, smooth bowel movement, mixed vegetable powder
product information
Model Nm
HS CODE 200599
M.O.Q 2,000 pieces
Keywords detox, diet, slim, skin
Seller ID lim100day
Payment Card Master VISA JCB

Dr. Vegetable (Mixed Vegetable Powdered Juice for Detox, Slim & Diet.)

(Korea Eating cosmetics: Skin is different.) - General Food





Green Powder


8 kinds of natural raw materials 100%

Vegetable D-toc, with a morning latte.

Dr. Vegetable gets better with milk.


High content


Net Wt : 150g

Barley leaf 38% / Water parsley 22%

Chlorophyll, Mineral, Dietary Fiber, Calcium, Iron





- Those who want D-toc minus.


- Those who need help in bowl movements.


- Those who want a diet.


- Those who need nutritional supplements such as children, youth, and old age.


- Those who need health promotion and fitness.


- Those who are not eating enough vegetables.


- Improve nutritional imbalance.



Raw material


- Barley leaves : Vitamin C (2.3 times than lemon juice) Calcium (4.5 times than milk),

Carotene (1.3 times than carrot, 16.4 times than pumpkin),

Vegetable Fiber (20 times than sweet potato, 26 times than cabbage),

Potassium (14.7 times than milk, 20 times than apple),

Iron (12.2 times than bovine liver, 24.5 times than spinach)


- Water Parsley: Alkaline food containing large amounts of vitamins A, B1, B2 and C.

Rich in minerals and fiber including protein, iron, calcium, and phosphorus.


- Parsley : Parsley contains lots of vitamin A and C with iron, calcium and magnesium.

It contains lots of chlorophyll that does sterilizing action also.


- Cabbage: Vitamin C and calcium are relatively dense and also contains vitamin U.


- Celery : Celery leaf contains lots of vitamin B1 and B2.


- Spinach : Spinach which is high in vitamin C among vegetable.


- Broccoli : Broccoli is rich in antioxidants like vitamin C, beta-carotene, etc.

It has 370mg of potassium per 100g. It also contains vitamin E, lutein,

selenium, dietary fiber, folic acid and chrome.


- Mulberry leaf : It contains lots of protein that is highly nutritious.

It has 24 kinds of protein and amino acid next to bean among vegetables.




Point 1. Barley leaves Powder 38%



It is a young vegetable grown about a week after the barley makes sprouts.

Barley seeds (vegetables) grow as barley sprouts,

then go through the 'node stage' and become barley plants (grains).

Barley just before the 'node stage', young leaves are rich in chlorophyll good for your body.


Barley leaves is a D-toc food which contain 20 essential amino acids,

saccharides, more than 80 enzymes, folic acid, choline, biotin, and

other active nutrients.


The product is optimized for nutrient intake such as iron and

calcium made of eight ingredients including young barley leaf powder and

water parsley powder.



Point 2. Iron



As a component of hemoglobin that supplies oxygen to the body,

it carries oxygen to each tissue.

There is a trace amount in the body, but its action is very important.

Iron is abundant in liver, lean meat, egg yolks, black beans, and dark green vegetables.



Point 3. Special D-toc intake method (D-toc easily with one cup a day)


- 1 time 5g x 30 days (total 150g) In the morning with milk to an empty stomach Add 5g (1 spoon) of powder to 100-200 ml and stir (or shake).


Even with a small amount of intake, D-toc


- For optimal D-toc effect

Milk> Soy milk> Yogurt> Water

(Choose the right one for you)


- For D-toc, firstly, take 5g each morning and evening, twice a day.

(Depending on the metabolism, body shape, weight loss needs, please adjust your own intake)

(Take up to three times a day)


- D-toc minus = Reduce your usual food intake by 50% and do Vegetable D-toc, and you will succeed.






- Take 1~2 times a day after pouring water(100ml~200ml) into 5g of powdered juice.

- The person who has trouble to swallow or child can take it with milk or yogurt.

- Take it after checking expiry date.





1. If you have any complications or allergic reactions, please check the ingredientsbefore intake.


2. Check the expiration date, before consumption and keep the recommended amount and the method of intake.


3. It could be harmful to your body if you mix it with everything.



Storage Precautions



1. Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight, high temperature, and high humidity.


2. Keep out of reach of children.


3. After opening, please keep the zipper closed to prevent moisture.


4. Please consume as soon as possible after opening the product.





Notes :



- HS cord : 200599


- Shelf Life : 2 year


- Manufacturing Country : South Korea


- Payment terms : T/T(negotiable)


- Delivery terms : FOB South Korea(negotiable)





- Contact Person : Woosik Lim




- Address : 115, Durumi-ro, Galmal-eup, Cheorwon-gun, Gangwon-do, Korea


- Tel : +82-33-452-3133


- HP : +82-10-7602-3133


- Fax : +82-33-452-3188


- E-mail :


- Homepage :


- Lotte Homeshopping :


Company Information

company information
Contact Person Woosik Lim
Homepage ,
Tel 0334523133 Fax 0334523188
Biz. Type Manufacturing Est. Year -
Employees 1~10

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