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Chemical Odor Respirators All Purpose Valved Nose Clip Disposable C280V(Pd No. : 3076858)

(Updated : 10/11/2017)
product information
Model Nm C280V series
HS CODE 630790
M.O.Q 100pcs
Ceritification CE
Keywords provent dust, mist, smell, fuem, respirators,Dust Respirator Folding Protect Mask
Seller ID dadaplus
Payment Card Master VISA JCB
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▶  English    : Second Grade - Dust/Mist

▶ Mongolian :  2-р зэрэглэлийн бүтээгдэхүүн - Тоос / Утаа  

▶ Русский   : вторая категория - защита от пыли и испарений

Face contact seal : Equipped

Exhalation valve : Equipped



▶ English       : 240 pcs/1 CTN (10pcs/Box → 24Boxes)

Vietnamese240 chiếc (10 chiếc x 24 hộp nhỏ) / 1 hộp lớn


Mongolian  : 240 ширхэг (10 ширхэг x 24 доторх хайрцаг) / 1 том хайрцаг

▶ Русский    : всего 240 шт (по 10 шт. * 24 коробочках) / в 1 большой коробке 


▶    English    : Place for such as grind cutting, welding, crushing, mixing, input,

                          maintenance, dyeing process and so on

▶ Vietnamese : Dùng trong khu vực xay cắt, hàn, nghiền, trộn, bảo dưỡng, nhuộm, ...

▶ Mongolian   : Бутлах, нунтаглах, гагнах, холих, зуурах, будах гэх зэрэг

                           засвар техникийн ажил гүйцэтгэх явцад хэрэглэнэ.

▶   Русский    : Используется при выполнении шлифовальных, дробильных,

                           смесительных работ и сварке, тех. обслуживании, покраске и




English    :  The best performance and functionality as P1 class product

                       (Efficiency 96~99%, Resistance 80~100 pa/95L)


                        Face contact seal equipped -enhance the airtightness,

                        around a nose, obsorbing sweat perfectly block the toxic substance

                        Equipped with a new exhalation valve

                         - One-body type valve, No Break, No leakage

                         - Low inhalation resistance/ Light weight



Vietnamese : Sản phẩm có hiệu quả và chức năng tốt nhất

                        (Hiệu quả 96-99%, Khả năng kháng 80-100pa / 95L)


                        Viền ngoài ôm sát vào mặt nên đảm bảo bịt kín,

                        thấm hút mồ hôi và lọc các hạt chất hoá học có hại cho sức khoẻ


                        Được trang bị van thở kiểu mới

                         - Loại One-body, không vỡ, không rò rỉ

                         - Kháng thở thấp, trọng lượng nhẹ


Mongolian : 2-р зэрэглэлийн бүтээгдэхүүнийхээ

                         хувьд үзүүлэлт нь маш сайн бөгөөд          

                         функ нь их юм 

                         (ашиг тус 93~96%, агаарын эсэргүүцэл 70~90 pa/95 литр)

                         Дугуй хэлбэрийн даавуу нь нүүрнээс

                         хөндийрөхгүй байхад тусална


                         Амьсгаа гаргах хавхлагтай


Русский  :  Применяется двухступенчатая защита, повышающая

                         эффективность и срок службы маски


                         Новый усовершенствованный материал без запаха, очень

                          легкий и эластичный


                         маска не теряет форму, более комфорта в использовании и


                         маска оснащена новым клапаном выдоха

                          - одинарный клапан, исключает повреждения и протечку

                          -  низкое сопротивление ингаляции, очень легкая














Company Information

company information
Contact Person MIN MYEONKI
Company DADA CO.,LTD.
Address 1st floor,121,Nangok-ro,Kwanak-gu Seoul, 08858 Korea
Homepage ,
Tel 027064773 Fax 027065779
Biz. Type Trade Est. Year 2007
Employees 1~10

Company Profile

Company Profile
About Company Welcome to our "DaDa" Corporation.

"First of all, I'm very happy to introduce our company and thanks for your
interest in our company."
"Let me start by saying just a few word about me and our company.
My name is MK,Min, and President of DaDa Corporation."

One of the leading company in field of "Industrial Mask/Preventive Mask/Skin care device "
products in Korea, we hope our great service will be given to our valuable customer,
and share great benefit and advantage.

Our company was established in 2007, and professionally engaged in "Innovative Industrial Mask"
with our long and rich experience in this item, we belive that we can serve you
with a strong and various advantages.

We, DaDa Corporation, will make a constant effort to study and develop the better product,
under the qsatisfaction policy of customer,quality and technology , so we will give many
benefits and advantages for our customers.

Company History Establised since Mar. 3rd ,2007.
Payment Methods KOPS
Major exporting countries Mongolia
Exports of interest U.S.A,China,Germany,China,Germany

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